Our Mission

 Connecting with God

Connecting with others

Connecting with what God is doing in the world

1981 Charter Statement 

We at Living Lord Lutheran Church, are committed to our faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; and to His ministry through the proclamation of God’s Word; the sharing of the Holy Sacraments; and the offering of our time, talents, and gifts to His mission. We accept as God’s call and mission our responsibility to extend to our congregation, our community and all who gather, a welcome opportunity to worship, learn witness and serve our Living Lord—Jesus Christ.


1999 Mission Statement 

We are a community of people who are Living Grace-Fully in the Lord. We are seeking to share the love of God in Christ Jesus with all people because God’s Holy Spirit is making us able.


2002 Mission Statement 

Invite - Celebrate - Grow - Serve

Invite...Our Neighbors into Christ

Celebrate...God’s good Grace

Grow...Together in the Lord

Serve...The world in love.


Current Missional Calling Statement 

Connecting with God
Connecting with Others
Connecting with what God is doing in the World


Our Values:

  • We believe the Grace of God is the most important message we have to proclaim and celebrate.

  • We believe the Spirit of God has always and is guiding us in our life together and moving us forward in relation to the community in which we are planted.

  • We believe God intends to redeem, reclaim, and remake all things through Jesus, and we want to be a part of that life-giving activity.

  • We believe God can touch every situation and circumstance of life with His love and mercy.

  • We believe God’s love is inclusive and community creating.

  • We believe we have been called not to build the church for ourselves but for those whom we do not yet know.

  • We practice Holy Baptism as a connection to the saving death and resurrection of Jesus and Holy Communion as a celebration of God’s promise and presence in our midst. At Living Lord, all are welcome at the Lord’s Table.

  • Our hope is to connect with people at the transition times of their lives.

  • We believe questions are good.

  • We live by faith, we move toward the future with hope, and we pray that God’s love is what people experience when we are with them.

  • We believe God is not finished with us and the world yet.


(636) 327- PRAY {7729}

500 Cedar Circle Drive
Lake St Louis, MO 63367


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