Together in Transition

Living Lord is going through a pastoral transition. This page is dedicated to updating everyone on the current status of our transition and where we are heading for the future.

For everything there is a season … (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Updated information in italics.

Living Lord is in a season of transition … a period of pastoral change.

Our “High Level” Transition Timeline:

June and July marked wonderful Farewell Celebrations for Pastor Roy and Pastor Jim. Thank you!


· Introduced us to awesome Guest Pastors: Kendra Nolde, Mike Malone, Seminarian Louis Moehlman, Jeff Lindgren, and Beverly Jo Arnold. Thank you!

· Focused on listening to each other reflect on the past, share excitement about the present, and speak about visions for the future of Living Lord Church … along with thoughts for pastoral leadership.

Thank you!

Here’s a glimpse of the themes that have surfaced thus far:

o Looking Back – Significant Experiences/Milestones

    *Building/Growing into the need for the current Church Building


    *Special times: such as VBS … Providing Shelter/Tornado/Storm Relief

o Looking Forward – Envisioning the Future

    *Outreach Ministries are strong at Living Lord … and … we want to Research Current needs in our                Community

    *Lots of Youth and Young Adults

    *Financial Stability

    *Exploration of Multipurpose Space

o Excited About “Now”

    *Fresh Opportunity to Envision the Future

    *Being in this Together as “Family”

    *Strength of our many Ministries

    *Youth Programs

    *Living Lord Church’s Relationship Culture

o Additional thoughts? Please click on the link below (or copy and paste into your browser) and you will see the same questions now in an online survey.


· Marks a new chapter in our transition as we welcome Lanny Westphal, Senior Pastor and Louis Moehlman, Ministry Associate We are looking forward to their spiritual leadership through this interim period. Please join us in celebrating both Pastor Lanny and Louis!


· Council and Staff will hold a “mid-year planning” retreat. We will: 1. Give thanks to God for holding us close during this transition; 2. Focus on the vision for our future as it has begun to surface during the Listening Sessions; 3. Outline and calendarize next steps in the Transition Plan; 4. Review our financial situation and determine next actions as we move into the close of 2019 and the start of 2020.

· Saturday, October 12, 6:45 pm and Sunday, Oct. 13, 9:45 am … Please plan to attend the next Together in Transition Forum to learn about the steps in the call process, the results of the Congregational Vitality Survey that was taken last year, and the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) that will be completed in the next several months for the call process. Thank your for leading the MSP Team, Mark Messmer.

For more information: · Go to: Together in Transition website page: · Please contact Debbie Schroeder-Saulnier – Council President ( or (314-302-6649) or Jennifer LeClair – Council Vice President ( or (636-447-9665).


Your servants in Christ, Living Lord Congregation Council

In 2016, Living Lord formed a task force to develop our Pastoral Transition Plan. The plan was developed as "a step-by-step plan that will ensure the transition process will be treated with the respect it demands and that the process includes the time necessary to thoroughly and prayerfully evaluate and consider a decision that will guide Living Lord into the future."

Please feel free to download a copy of the plan below.



As we say farewell to our dear pastors, Pastor Lanny Westphal has agreed to come to Living Lord to serve as our transition senior pastor. He is excited about this opportunity to serve with us and says, "I am open to wherever God leads and the church calls me.”


Pastor Westphal has had special training in transition ministry. He is currently serving as an interim pastor in Dallas, Texas, following interim ministries in Bloomington, Ill., Winona, Minn., Dubuque, Iowa, and Cary, North Carolina. In his previous positions in the ELCA offices in Chicago and as Assistant to Bishop April Larson of the La Crosse Area Synod, his responsibilities included the call process, outreach, stewardship, companion-synod relationships and the Global Church Sponsorship program. Prior to that, he served for ten years as a parish pastor in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He also served as a short-term missionary teacher at a seminary in Ethiopia and studied in Europe during college and seminary.


During the coming months, Pastor Westphal will serve as both pastor and consultant to help our congregation remain strong as we to prepare to call our next pastor. He will work with our council and staff to continue implementing our transition plan. He will not be involved in the selection of our next pastor, nor is he available to be considered as a candidate for call to Living Lord.


Pastor Lanny's wife, Mary, is a retired school counselor. Their home is near La Crosse, Wis., where he will go once a month over a weekend to visit. One adult son, Carl, lives in Washington DC, and the other son, Mark, lives near Rochester, Minn. Lanny and Mary were recently made legal guardians of foster son, Jakwon, 14. They call him son and he calls them Mom and Dad, which warms their heart.


He looks forward to getting to know the people of Living Lord. You are invited to “friend” him on Facebook or “follow” him on Twitter. He will live in our community in an apartment provided by our congregation so that he can be available to provide the full range of pastoral care and services. His cell phone number is 312-608-8551 and his email address is


The date of Pastor Westphal's first worship services at Living Lord will be announced in due time. In the meanwhile, we are working to call a transition associate pastor to work with him. We are also planning small group discussions in August to begin preparations for the transition and call processes. Stay tuned and get involved!


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