September 21, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is Matthew 9.19-21, Life Application Bible Study.

As Jesus and the disciples were going to the official's home, a woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years came up behind him. She touched the fringe of his robe, for she thought, "if I can just touch his robe, I will be healed".

For the past twelve years she had suffered every indignity from a never-ending blood flow. She was shunned, an outcast. Loneliness was her daily bread. She had heard about Jesus. She had seen people healed by him. Secretly she had followed him around, always from a distance - she was shunned. If only... She had seen his face, his otherworldly keen eyes. Never before had she seen such extraordinary love. - She watched Jesus coming closer with his disciples, followed by a crowd pressing against him. If only... They were very close now from where she stood. If only she could touch the hem of his robe, she would be healed. She would not touch his skin, only his robe. She took a step forward. She took another step, and another one. Out of desperation, forgetting she was shunned, she mingled with the crowd. She crouched behind him, bending to the ground. She felt like a thief when she stretched out her hand and touched the hem of his dust covered robe. Immediately she felt like fire running through her body. She felt an extraordinary wave of new life rushing through her. The hemorrhage stopped. It stopped completely. Jesus abruptly stopped walking. The whole procession stopped walking.

"Who has touched me"? he asked, his light filled eyes searching out the crowd. She wanted to leave unnoticed, but it was too late. She knew she was healed but she was also caught. Without intending to intercede Peter came to her rescue. "Jesus, what do you mean who touched you, everybody is touching you in this crowd". - "Someone deliberately touched me. I felt healing power go out from me".

She knew she had to come forward and confess. She had been stealing from him. Weeping and trembling with fear she fell to his feet. "Master, it is I who stole from you. For 12 years I have been suffering from a blood flow. I thought if only I could touch the hem of your robe I would be healed. When I touched your robe the blood stopped flowing. I was immediately healed. Forgive me Master, I did not come to you openly to seek your healing".

Jesus remained silent as the woman continued to weep. With eyes filled with tears she looked up at him, awaiting his condemnation. - There was no condemnation in those extraordinary eyes of Jesus brimming over with compassion. Grace flowed from him. Jesus knelt down to her level. "Daughter", he said, with a voice full of love, smiling at her, "your faith has healed you, go in peace".

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for your never ending love, for bending down to us in mercy and compassion. We praise your Holy name. Amen

Marguerite Ryf

Prayer Concern: Lord Jesus, we pray for all those who suffer in secret that they would come to you for healing, for your word says: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Mat. 11:28).

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