September 14, 2019 Daily Devotion

The reading for today is John 3:17.

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Far too often I hear people make comments about not wanting to come to church because they fear being judged or condemned. It can be very intimidating to visit a new church. It is easy to feel like an outsider, but it can be even more overwhelming if you feel a sense of guilt for some poor choices and worry what others will think.

This verse reminds us that it is not our place to judge. If anyone ever had the right to condemn people, it would have been God. Yet, when He sent Jesus His Son into the world, he came to save not to condemn.

We live in a very judgmental society. It is too easy to bring someone’s sins to light and hope that it will drive them to seek Jesus for guidance. However, I believe this is what often drives people away from the church. God calls us to spread the word of His love and salvation and what lengths he went to save us. God sent his only son to save a world headed for destruction.

Rather than being quick to judge, let us open our hearts to feel the pain and agony of someone living a life of sin and show them God’s love. Let us remind them the sacrifice that God made to save each and every one us from our sin. Let us show them forgiveness and compassion rather anger and condemnation.

Keep your eyes open for someone who may overwhelmed and needs to hear God’s word. Help them to feel welcome in God’s family, so they can feel God’s Grace!

Lord, grant me a heart of compassion rather than condemnation. Forgive for the times I have judged others when you yourself were reaching out to them in love. Amen

Karen DeMauro

Prayer Concern: For those who have yet to hear God’s word.

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