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ADVENTURE: Definition: An exciting or remarkable experience; An undertaking usually involving danger or unknown risk.

ADVENT: Definition: A coming into being; The coming of Christ at the incarnation.

+ The Four weeks leading to Christmas mark the season of ADVENT. We consider the way God came – comes – is coming to our world and into our lives. + God has always been connected to the world; through the Word of creation – through the inspired Word and the promises of the prophets – in the lives of the people of faith – and through the activity of the Holy Spirit in time. The prophets spoke of One who would come, the Messiah. One who would come to bring the very presence of God into the world. That coming presence is fulfilled in Jesus, Who live to reveal the very heart of God in the flesh and blood of our humanity. He, Himself, promises to come again to bring the final and ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise and the Kingdom’s intention.

+ Talk about “an exciting or remarkable experience!” Any time, anywhere, any way God’s grace and love touches our lives is the fulfillment of the promise and of our deepest human hope. You might say, God took all the risk when God spoke the Word of creation, the Words of the Spirit and in the incarnation of Jesus. God risked rejection and distain from the very ones whom God so loved. But our human rejection became the occasion of greater grace! Thanks be to God! + During these coming four weeks we will gather around the theme: The ADVENTURES of GOD: Coming – Sending – Surprising – Blessing. Join us in worship! Join us in study. Join us in anticipation of the ADVENTURE of God.

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Pastor Jim Erdman has served here at Living Lord Church since 1999. It’s been a 20 year ADVENTURE! It has been a remarkable experience of life and ministry shared together! To celebrate God’s Grace which has come to so many through him we will take the weekend of January 26-27 to recognize his ministry. More information will be coming, Please plan to share a greeting and a word of thanks!

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The ADVENTURE continues! We said thank you and goodbye to Amy Lynn Hollis last month as she and her family moved from the area. Now we say Hello and God Bless You, to Lindsay Colbert and Karin Henry who will be sharing the responsibility to oversee and develop our Children and family Ministries. Congratulate and pray for these ladies.

Pastor Roy Christell

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