October 7, 2019 Daily Devotion

Psalm 3:5 is the scripture for today.

“I lay down and slept, for the Lord sustained me.”

In this passage, David seems to be saying several things. He feels the presence of his enemies. He acknowledges God’s protection, without which he couldn’t survive. And, he sleeps. He trusts God so much that though his adversaries are around him, he can sleep.

Some of us feel weak. Maybe our bodies aren’t strong or our support systems are lacking. Or, we watch the news and we wonder when it will be our turn for calamity. Those of us who feel more vulnerable can likely clearly relate to David when we see that God has gotten us through another day.

Others of us feel strong. We feel protected by sturdy houses and we are physically able to meet our own needs. Sometimes it is harder for those of us to fully rely on God. We need to remember that everything we have is His to give or take each day, and to be thankful.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to remember that we are weak, you are strong. Help us to delight in our weakness because it reveals Your strength. Help us neither to boast when we feel strong nor fret when we feel weak, but to fully rely on You.

Prayer for the day: Dear God, by Your grace, please increase the number of folks in this world who possess the kind of faith that allows for peaceful resting. Amen

Juli Hampton Ham10five@gmail.com

Prayer Concern – Those who are weak in mind or body.

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