October 19, 2019 Daily Devotion

The reading for today is Mark 10:50:

“So, throwing off his cloak, he [the blind man] sprang up and came to Jesus.”

I added the words for clarification. This verse refers to a story of a Blind Man calling out to Jesus as he passed by. Jesus then has his disciples call the man to come and meet with Jesus. The Blind Man literally SPRINGS up at the call of Jesus.

Now spring and moving fast are not activities we generally see in those who have trouble seeing. Instead, you would expect tentative, cautious movement across the terrain you cannot see. We would expect precise actions or a call for help to the disciples to bring Him to Jesus.

Not this Blind Man. He jumps up with eagerness and urgency. I can almost see Him outpacing the disciples as he moves in to speak with Jesus. He desperately hungers for the interaction with Jesus.

Maybe Mark included this passage so that we can all be like the Blind Man. When we hear the call, we should move with speed and throw off those items of security (like a cloak). We should rush to hear the News and be lifted up in what Jesus is calling us to do.

Be like the Blind Man and you may be just as equally blessed.

Father, Guide our hearts to move to you with energy and eagerness. Amen

Chad Ryberg cryberg@livinglord.org

Prayer Concern: Those who are searching

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