November 8, 2019 Daily Devotion

The reading for today is Acts 24:15.

“And I have the same hope in God as these men themselves have, that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.”

In the book Heaven is for Real, Todd Burpo tells the story of his four-year-old son’s near-death experience and journey to Heaven. Colton Burpo had an emergency appendectomy and his parents were warned that Colton may not survive the surgery. After his recovery, Colton began to share his story about how he left his body and went to Heaven. He described an incredible scene including Jesus riding a rainbow-colored horse and angels singing. He also described God’s REALLY big chair and how the Holy Spirit “shoots down power” from Heaven to help us.

His friends and family struggled to believe his story until he began sharing details of people or events that he would have no other way of knowing. He met his unborn sister (his mom had a miscarriage) and learned more about his great-grandfather, whom had passed away 30 years before Colton was born. Colton’s father, who was a pastor in their small town, struggled with his story and ultimately ended up wrestling with his faith. Eventually Todd found peace and understanding and was able to hear Colton’s ultimate message from his journey: heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children, and be ready, there is a coming last battle.

Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave. He did it to let us know that there is eternal life in Him. Today we praise the Lord for His Resurrection and for promising that we too will have eternal life:

“His resurrection is not only the object of our faith, but the example of our hope.” - Thomas Adams

Lord, we know that our time here on Earth is temporary. Thank you for sending your Son, so that he would save us from our sins and allow us to enjoy eternal life with you in Heaven. Amen

Karen DeMauro

Prayer Concern: For those struggling with their faith, that they may come to know Jesus and enjoy eternal life.

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