June 29, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today’s devotion is Galatians 4:20.

“. . . how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone, because I am perplexed about you!”

Paul is dissatisfied with the progress of the Galatians. He is “perplexed.” Apparently, they had started to fixate on the law as a means of salvation, as opposed to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In Galatians 2, Paul reminds them that “no one will be justified by observing the law.”

To illustrate how Paul might have been feeling, here are a couple of word pictures. Suppose a wife asks her husband to start cooking dinner and she provides some simple instructions. She leaves and then in 30 minutes re-enters the kitchen to find him far off course! She knits one eyebrow and raises the other while one corner of her mouth curls up. She asks “What . . . are you doing?

Or perhaps there’s a couple driving to an out of state destination. They switch drivers. The person now in the passenger’s seat needs a nap. He gives directions and the driver nods indicating understanding. The passenger goes to sleep. In an hour, he awakens with a start. Nothing looks right. He drops his shoulders, sighs, and asks “Where . . . are you going?!?”

Dear Heavenly Father,

Do you sometimes look at my life and ask “What . . . are you doing?” or “Where . . . are you going?” Do you wonder how I could have interpreted simple instructions from Your word in such a way? By Your grace, please reveal to me the things I need to do to live a life that is more pleasing to You. Just as Paul wanted to lovingly correct the Galatians, I believe You want to lovingly correct me. Thank you for forgiveness through Your Son, Jesus. I pray in His name, Amen.

As I write, I am mindful of those affected by extreme weather and flooding. I am thankful that I have time to spend growing closer to God and I pray for those who are simply in “survival mode”. Prayer request: those who have been affected by recent floods and tornadoes. Another prayer request: I pray for those of us that are able, that we share willingness to put hands and feet with our prayers and find ways to get our hands dirty and help out!

Juli Hampton Ham10five@gmail.com

Prayer Concern: Those who are living their lives with no direction.

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