January 19, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is Jeremiah 4:2.

“If you remove the idols I hate and are faithful to me, it will be right for you to swear by my name. Then all the nations will ask me to bless them, and they will praise me.”

Throughout the history of the Children of Israel, they just couldn’t remain faithful to God.

The main thing God required of them, was to put Him first in their lives and worship no other gods. They could stay on track for a while, but sooner than later, they would be back to their old ways. When God first made the covenant with Abram, He told Abram He would bless him so he would be a blessing to others. That happens when we are obedient to God.

Today, we don’t worship “idols”, but anything we put first in our lives can become an idol. Look to see where you spend your time and money. God requires the same from us. Put Him first and all other things will fall into place. God will bless us, so we can be a blessing, just like He promised Abram years ago.

Gracious Father,

You are the same today as you were thousands of years ago. Your word and promises never change. Help us always put you at the center of our lives, so you can use us to show your love to the world.

Jeanne Palumbo jpalumbo@centurytel.net

Prayer Concern: People struggling with finding time to spend with God.

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