February 7, 2019 Daily Devotion

The reading for today is Psalm 138:1.

“[By David.] I will give thanks to you with all my heart. I will make music to praise you in front of the false gods.”

I think this a really great message for our times. I immediately thought about several radio stations who have recently been ridiculing or as they say on social media, "shaming" drivers who have the Joy FM sticker. I really thought it was mean spirited and what was the point. Then I read this verse and realized, it was another attempt by our enemy to make things that are uplifting, seem foolish. I have even been guilty of switching channels from a Christian station to something more mainstream when my friends get into the car. They have never made fun of me or complained, I just had this weird feeling that I shouldn't impose my beliefs on them. How messed up is that?

Have mercy on me Lord God Almighty. I am ashamed that I give into the pressures of this sinful, messed up world. Help me do better. When worldly views fill my head, turn my thoughts to You, Your truth and Your glory! Fill me with the confidence and joy of my salvation so I too will praise you in front of the false gods of this world!

Connie Simmonds conniesimmonds@gmail.com

Prayer Concern: Overcoming the struggles of peer pressure

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