February 15, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is 1 Peter 1:25, NLT.

"But the word of the Lord remains forever.' And that word is the Good News that was preached to you."

In this scripture, Peter is writing a letter to the Christians who were facing persecution to comfort them with the truth of who they are in Christ. I certainly find comfort in Peter’s words!

“The Word of the Lord remains forever.” The Gospel has been permanent, fixed, unyielding, everlasting – however you wish to describe it – since the time that Jesus walked this earth. Today, we see seasons change, we see sickness and famine affect the world, and we have certainly seen the effects of wars and revolutions on our earth.

All of the natural beauty of the world will decay, just like our bodies will. But…the Word of the Lord abides. We must take comfort in knowing that God’s promises assure us that there is a brighter and better place waiting for those who take the Gospel into their hearts!

Dear Lord, Help me to study Your Word today and to believe in the Gospel as I walk through this world.

Donna DeMauro donna@demaurostl.com

Prayer Concern – Those who haven’t had the chance to hear the Word of the Lord.

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