August 7, 2020 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is Acts 18:24-28

24 Now there came to Ephesus a Jew name Apollos, a native of Alexandria. He was an eloquent man, well-versed in the scriptures. 25 He had been instructed in the Way of the Lord: and he spoke with burning enthusiasm and taught accurately the things concerting Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John. 26 He had begun to speak boldly in the synagogue; but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained the Way of God to him more accurately. 27 And when he wished to cross over to Achaia, the believers encouraged him and wrote to the disciples to welcome him. On his arrival he greatly helped those who through grace had become believers, 28 for he powerfully refuted the Jews in public, showing by the scriptures that the Messiah is Jesus.

Priscilla and Aquila were tent makers and had hosted Paul for an extended visit. They were well educated in the Way of the Lord as they had been instructed at length by Paul. Due to their great generosity and kindness, they took Apollos under their wings and also instructed him so that Apollos could continue the ministry on his travels. How wonderful that their loving and kind instruction should make such an impact. They also looked out for Apollos’ future travels and sent word that other disciplines would welcome him as they had done. He was then proclaiming that Jesus was indeed the Messiah and gave proof through the scriptures after receiving their instruction.

How often do you think you may have helped someone on their own faith journey by what you have said or done? You may not even realize it, but by your kind and thoughtful example you have given someone a closer glimpse of the way we are supposed to live as Christians. It may have been a random act of kindness, a word of support, a phone call or text to someone who needed a little encouragement, and the lists go on and on.

We are to love God and love our neighbors. Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it? It is the actions that speak louder than words. Keep it simple. Priscilla and Aquila opened their home and their hearts to Paul to better learn about Christ. By doing so, they were then able to share and correct Apollos so that he could further spread the Gospel. Small acts all along the way of life that may have huge impacts we may never see.

As our world had changed so dramatically this spring and summer, may we look toward Christ to remember that sometimes by opening ourselves to others, we may be able to continue to learn and spread the Gospel in ways yet unknown.

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, We ask that you open our lives to you so we may learn and share your Good News with others. Let us be kind and generous in our thoughts and actions to bring ourselves and others closer to you. All this we ask in your name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Cindy Dougherty

Prayer Concern - Please pay for those who are discouraged so that they become hopeful again.

Alternate verses -Psalm 85: 8-13, 1Kings 18: 17-19, 30-40

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