August 27, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is Ezekiel 20:18.

“Then I said to their children in the wilderness: don't follow the statutes of your fathers, defile yourselves with their idols, or keep their ordinances.”

The statutes were against God. He told them to keep His ordinances and follow Him. They worshiped idols and gods of their fathers without regard. Each of us are tempted to not keep the Sabbath holy. There is always an excuse for not worshiping our Lord on Sundays and just work or find a reason not to go to church. God has commanded us to follow His ordinances.

In today's world it's too easy to become complacent and get distracted. We need help. Jesus taught us the same in his lessons. We just need to get help from our brothers and sisters.

Lord help us to keep your commandments and help others to do the same.

Bob Williams

Prayer Concern: Follow Jesus' statutes in all we do.

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