August 13, 2019 Daily Devotion

The scripture for today is Hebrews 11:17.

“By faith Abraham, when put to the test, offered up Isaac.”

God had promised Abraham that he would be the Father of the Nation of Israel. Many years and infertility made Abraham doubt God and try to take matters into his own hands. He needed an heir and had an illegitimate son in an attempt to safeguard the continuation of his lineage. How does one so faithful become so untrusting of the ever-loving God? God fulfilled his promises to Abraham by giving him Isaac and then chooses to test Abraham by asking Abraham to kill his own son. What a dilemma for a father who had so longed for a son? Abraham had learned from experience that he should not take things into his own hands by not trusting God. He started to do as God asked and then was stopped by the loving God. Isaac 's life was spared, and Abraham's lineage continued as God had promised.

How often in our lives do we truly trust God? We may attend worship on Sunday, participate in a variety of Bible Studies, or church centered activities and still have difficulty trusting when life get tough. Life gets tough at some point in everyone's life. It may be as a young person trying to figure out what friends are true ones, dealing with school and temptations of alcohol and drugs, and a variety of other influences. In middle years, career advancement, office politics and stress from taking care of a family can make one question how God is working in their life. In later years, illness, deaths of loved ones, dealing with the summary of your life and difficult situations may make one question why and how one needs to trust God. Questions, fear, doubt, all play into our lives in different ways at different ages. We need our faith to steady us over troubled waters, and always, always, trust that God has our back. He is always, always loving us, there for us, even if at the time, painful situations surround us.

Just as Abraham was tested, we also are tested. With faith and trust we will experience God's steadfast love for us carrying us through the rough times and also bringing joy.

Let us pray: Dear Lord God of all, We pray that you will guide us when we doubt, lift us when we fear and ever be near us. May we increase our faith in you and feel your love every day in our lives. Amen.

Cindy Dougherty

Prayer Concern-Pray for those of all ages, who are having a difficult time with their faith.

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