April 8, 2019 Daily Devotion

When… we are persecuted

“The LORD helps me; therefore, I have not been disgraced

Therefore, I have set my face like flint,

And I know that I shall not be put to shame.

He Who vindicates me is near.” Isaiah 50:7-8

These verses come from one of what is called the Servant Songs of Isaiah. Many speculate as to the identity of the “servant of God.” Was it the prophet himself? Was it another leader? It is representative of the people of God, individually or as a group? The wonderful thing about the scriptures is we can be inspired by the Spirit to receive varied interpretations that are still faithful to the text.

Let’s just think of these words as being spoken by any servant of God, at any time, regardless of location or context. Beginning with this we may hope. While there are those around who ridicule and torment those who speak God’s Word faithfully, they are never left to contend with such opposition by themselves. “The One who vindicates us is near.” Isn’t that the promise from God? From Jesus? “I am with you always.”

And while we who are public servants have plenty to be embarrassed about when we review our personal histories we need never be ashamed of the Name which we bear and proclaim. We are responsible for the consequences of our words and actions, but as people of God we will never be ashamed of Who God is or what God does. No promise is broken. No good words is empty. And we will be sustained even when others are working full time to trash the Name we bear.

The One who vindicates us is near.

Pastor Roy

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