April 7, 2019 Daily Devotion

When… Jesus was anointed

“She bought it so that she might keep it for the day of My burial.” John 12:7

The word translated “keep” is terase. The sentence could also be translated “She bought it so she might remember it for the day of My burial.” I wonder. Did Mary carry this same perfume seven days later when she made her way to Jesus’ tomb? If so, then her devotion and faithfulness did not end the night of that dinner party.

The love and grace of God that was extended to Mary through Jesus led her to a life of devotion. It wasn’t just a one-day thing. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet learning and growing as she listened to Him. (Luke 10:38-42) Mary trusted Jesus with her hurt and grief and even her frustration. (John 11:28-32) Mary and Martha and Lazarus had provided a hospitable place for Jesus just on the outskirts of Jerusalem. He was always welcome in their house. They were like a “home base” for Jesus before He headed to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

The life of faith is like breathing in and breathing out. We breathe in the Grace of God. As that breath gives us new life we receive the gifts of God’s Spirit and we have life in its fullness. Then we breathe out. That breath out is our service and our sharing. That breath out is our worship and our caring for others.

Breathing in and breathing out is how we live.

Mary’s life of faith wasn’t just a breathing in without a breath breathed out. There was a complete cycle: In and Out. I see a fullness in this story from John 12.

I pray that we will experience faith as breathing in and breathing out. And that we will find the resources to express our faith in lives of love for Jesus and service toward others.

Pastor Roy

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