April 5, 2019 Daily Devotion

When… Jesus was anointed

“But Judas Iscariot...said, ‘Why was this perfume not sold for 300 denarii and the money given to the poor?’ He said this, not because he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief; he kept the common purse and used to steal what was put into it.” John 12:4-6

Kleptes is the word for thief.

Pistilan is the word for faithfulness.

Judas was a thief. Mary was faithful.

The fragrance of one filled the home where Jesus was eating. The fragrance of faithfulness was competing with the stench of the other. The first as beautiful as the second was unpleasant.

Have you ever been in a room filed with the fragrance of faithfulness and devotion? I remember being in a hospital room where a faithful daughter-in-law anointed the feet of her father-in-law as he was dying. It was a beautiful devotion and I was blessed to be a witness.

Have you ever been in a place where treachery and deception were going on? Have you ever sensed something “unholy” in the air?

Which experience felt like a blessing and which felt like a curse? Have you ever left a place and felt like you needed a shower to wash off what was going on? Have you ever been in a room of blessing and gone through the rest of your day feeling like you were being lifted up by the experience?

Kleptes is the same word Jesus used when describing the thief who climbs into the sheep pen to scatter the flock. Unfortunately, there are those who wrap themselves up in the clothes of Pistelan but have the Kleptes stench about them. Let’s take note of the atmosphere in every room where we find ourselves.

I prefer Pistilan to Kleptes. How about you?

Pastor Roy

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