April 30, 2021 Daily Devotion

The reading for today is from Amos 8:11 – 13.

"The days are coming" says the Sovereign Lord,

when I will send a famine through the land -

not a famine of food or thirst for water,

but a famine of hearing the words of the Lord,

Men will stagger from sea to sea

and wander from north to east,

searching for the word of the LORD,

and they will not find it.

In that day

the lovely young women and strong young men

will faint because of thirst.

The search for the Word of the Lord is never ending. We read passages in the Bible for guidance in our situation. Sometimes that guidance is a search for righteousness. It comes from the need for defense like the armor of God. Like in Galatians 6 where the breastplate of righteousness is offered up as a defense from the evil one.

Where in the Bible do you find relief in the words? Is it in praise for Jesus and His calming guidance? Do the stories of the miracles Jesus made happen bring you relief? I find the passages about the armor of God to be grounding for me. The defense from the evil one represented in each piece of armor brings understanding and strength to my daily tasks.

Blessed are those that know The Word of the Lord and seek righteousness every day.

Bob Williams


Pray for those that are seeking help. And guide them to the right place to find peace,

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