April 16, 2019 Daily Devotion

Then they seized Jesus and led Him away, bringing Him to the high priest’s house. But Peter followed at a distance.” Luke 22: 54

After His betrayal and arrest Jesus was led away. (Like a lamb being led to the slaughter.) Is this the first time in the Gospel narrative when Jesus went a “way” that was not of His own choosing? Think about it.

Is this the “way” that was to fulfill the Father’s will and accomplish the salvation of all humanity?

Yes, that’s what we believe.

Is this the beginning of the “cup” that was before Jesus and about which He prayed in the garden? (Luke 22:42)

Yes, that’s what the Gospel tells us.

We thank God Jesus was willing to drink the cup.

Was Jesus willing to be “led away” because we have “lost our way?” Because it was “the only way?”

Yes, we believe it and give God thanks.

Jesus was willing to be “led away” in order to become “the Way.”

Pastor Roy

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