April 13, 2019 Daily Devotion

When… we are silent

“Jesus went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.” Luke 19:28

The way to Jerusalem is very, very hilly. It is up and down. Just as life is up and down, Jesus’ way to Jerusalem had highs and lows.

There were times when His way was shadowed. There were times when the struggle was known only to Jesus. There were times when He wrestled with the reality of sin and sorrow deep down inside Himself.

There were times when the way of Jesus went the “high” way. When Jesus was on the mountain of the transfiguration, shining in Glory surrounded by Moses and Elijah. That was a High! It had to be. When Jesus entered Jericho and was surrounded by singing disciples. That was a prelude to the songs of Palm Sunday. High up in the tree was Zacchaeus, hoping for a glimpse of Jesus. When Jesus invited Him down and was welcomed into his house and Zacchaeus found his life turned around, that had to be a high.

Now Jesus was going on to Jerusalem. Now Jesus was on the Mt of Olives on the road leading to the very heart of the city. This was a public moment. This had to be both a high and a low, a mountain top and a valley together. They would sing. They would shout their praises. It was a high. But soon enough Jesus’ way would turn to the shadows again. Soon enough He would be surrounded by deception and betrayal. Soon enough He would be assaulted by evil. Soon enough.

Jesus was going on ahead. Jesus was going to Jerusalem, going to the Cross, Going to the grave, Going to life eternal, through the highs and the lows, leading us all the way.

Pastor Roy

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