Children's Ministry

Welcome to Living Lord’s Children’s Ministries. Here at Living Lord Lutheran Church our goal is to foster a child’s relationship with God and teach the stories of the bible in an impactful way. We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of different age groups. Program information can be found below and if you are interested in being a part of these ministries, we have volunteer opportunities available.

Learning Hour

Learning Hour takes place on Sundays throughout the school year from 9:45-10:45am. During Learning Hour children work with volunteer leaders to grow in their faith. During Learning Hour, Grace Place PreK-K and 1st-3rd Grade classes are available as well as MERGE (4th and 5th Grade).

Grace Place PreK – K

Grace Place PreK – K is a fun way for children to learn about God through play. These curriculum-based lessons offer a wide range of fun and engaging activities. Children are given a weekly newsletter to keep parents informed as to what is taught each week.

Grace Place 1st – 3rd (Keep Current Photo)

Grace Place 1st – 3rd Grade offers curriculum-based lessons with a little more rigger than taught in the Pre-K/K classroom. Lessons lead children to Jesus through stories of the Old and New Testament. Each week children are given a “fridge reminder” to review scripture at home, so parents are involved in their child’s journey with God.




MERGE is our group for 4th and 5th graders that meets on Sundays during the Learning Hour as well as hosting events throughout the year such as highway clean up, working at the Ronald McDonald House, hitting the water park, NERF wars and much more!


Worship Time



Infant and toddler rooms are located adjacent to the sanctuary, serving children under the age of 4. Nursery is available on Sundays from 8:15am - 12:15pm with paid caregivers. At drop-off parents receive a beeper so you may be reached at any time throughout the morning. Enjoy Worship and Learning Hour, while your children are in a loving and playful environment.

Children’s Worship 

Children’s Worship takes place during the 11AM Service. Children are dismissed from service with a Children’s Message from Pastor Steve to the Fellowship Hall. Children’s Worship follows a similar model as the same service you experience but is geared towards kids ages 4-10. Children are given a sermon, review scripture, and complete an activity that may consist of a game, craft, or a short service project! Children sing songs and pray with leaders during each lesson.

Order of the Cross

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Volunteer Opportunities

If you would be interested in helping lead one of these ministries, please reach out to Karin Henry at, Holly Strothcamp at, or the church office at 636-327-7729. Leaders are given flexibility in schedules and work on a rotation schedule with other leaders.